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Payment must be submitted either in full or by way of a deposit. Deposit ammounts vary from project to project. Some of our services may require both a signed contract and payment.  Please note that  services which require a signed contract will not be commenced until the contract has been signed and payment submitted. 


Turnaround time varies from project to project and is subject to designer’s discretion. Rush orders are available, and are contingent upon the designer's schedule. However, rush projects will incur a rush fee that is subject to the designer's discretion. Clients can request a specific deadline, however the designer reserves the right to negotiate the deadline if there is a schedule conflict. 


Each project is allowed up to (3) rounds of edits without charge and must be sent in no later than 72 hours after the initial draft is given. Any edits that are requested after the final approval will incur a $15-$35 convenience charge depending on the amount of edits requested.


All payments and deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE; NO EXCEPTIONS.


Printing costs are not included in design services. Therefore, if printing services are needed, they will be subcontracted to a third party service. Chosen Graphic Solutions will not be held responsible for any printer related issues. 


Once the final approval has been given, and the final payment(if applicable) has been made, designer will email all deliverables to the client within 24 to 48 hours. 

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